Stuck on Deploy in progress

I’ve been stuck on the " Deploy in progress" for almost 45 minutes, Yet there is nothing happening. it still give me this message

“10:59:14 AM: Creating deploy upload records”

@Detective_Phanty If you’re doing a “Drag & Drop Deloy” then you might be experiencing the issue raised in this thread by a few others again recently:

When the issue also occurred last month Netlify were suggesting use of the Netlify CLI as a workaround.

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Thank you Nathan for the info, Just one more question, any idea when the “Drag & Drop Deloy” will be fixed?

I’m just a community member so I have precisely no idea! :slightly_smiling_face:

Checking my own post history from when it was broken in late May, it looks like it took Netlify approximately 7 days to announce the fix.

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Hi @Detective_Phanty

Were you able to build successfully now? Last time we had the issue, several customers were reporting it and we had a specific issue to address.

We’re always on the lookout for error trends around this and other features, right now we’re not seeing multiple reports as the last time this happened so we need to investigate each case individually.

Have you checked our support guide that goes through a few reasons why may be happening?

Thank you!

No, it has been more than 2 hours and it’s still stuck.

Yes, but none of my issues are there

@gualter In the last few days…

3 people reported it in this thread:

3 people reported it in this thread:

This person mentions it:

It may not be a consistent shared error between them, but it’s an indication that the feature is behaving in a brittle fashion.

Ah! My bad, I guess I will have to wait for @gualter reply to my message, thanks for helping out! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your patience, @Detective_Phanty! We will follow up when we have more information!

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Thank you hillary! If there’s anything you need, I am here :+1:

If you could you please share a HAR file with this happening, that would be beneficial. Please DM the information to @hrishikesh or @gualter . Here is a set of instructions on how to generate the HAR file: HAR Analyzer

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Done all that, however, just one thing… how do you DM someone on netlify? I can’t seem to find a way or I could be just blind… :sweat_smile:

as well to do this, do you mean the support answer ticket or the deployment issue?

Apologies-- sometimes newer members do not have access to DMs. I have set up this feature for you. You should now be able to DM an individual by clicking on their username in the thread, and then selecting message from the popup (as pictured below)

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@Detective_Phanty What ended up being the solution here? Was it something specific to your build?

People raise the problem intermittently and it’s hard to point them in the right direction without knowing what the possible solutions are.