Formerly working CLI deploys now hanging on "Waiting for deploy to go live..."

I’ve been happily deploying infrequent changes to a medium-sized site (~1000 files, almost all images) using netlify-cli for nearly two years. My last successful deploy was Dec 4, a couple of weeks ago. In the last 24 hours attempted deploys of tiny (2 files) changes have each hung in my command prompt at the “Waiting for deploy to go live…” step, timing out after 20 minutes. In my admin dashboard, in my site’s list of deploys, they remain in an “in process” status, with a log of a single line of “There is no log for this deploy.”

One other weird thing, possibly related: Netlify’s excellent hash/compare technique of only uploading changes usually gives me the reassuring “CDN requesting N files” so that if N doesn’t match what I think it should be then I know I’ve done something stupid and can go fix it. However, while N should be 2 in my current attempt, it’s being reported as 0. In any case, it still goes through the hashing/requesting/uploading steps but hangs on the deploy step.

If this were a new site I might try rebuilding from scratch, possibly via Git. But it’s live, so I’ve got to be careful about what I do and a wholesale rebuild isn’t feasible.

Suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Same happened with my deploy as well.

Changes has not been recognized, and the “go live” seems to frozen.

I experience these issues since the last update to v 2.25.

I would also appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks to @richgal for making me realize it could be the CLI version, which I had also recently updated to 2.25. I dropped back to 2.24, but same behavior. I then dropped back to 2.21, and it worked! (2.22 and 2.23 might be OK, too, but I’m sticking with what works.)

2.21 works here as well. However I’m not sure if this is the right solution :slight_smile:

I’ve filed a bug on this here:

The CLI team is largely out of pocket until the new year, but they’ll see it when they get back, and it would be great if you could add links to your failing deploys @CRogers @richgal , as well as the output of netlify status --verbose from a failing version.

Thanks so much for your help!