Hanging on "waiting for site to go live"

Sitename: frank-emails.netlify.app

I’m trying to deploy through the CLI and it’s hanging on “waiting for site to go live” for a long time (see logs)

4:15:51 PM: Creating deploy upload records
8:54:05 PM: Canceling deploy

(I canceled it)

It’s not a large website or anything like that.

Hi, @zekenie, first would you please confirm you are using the newest netlify-cli version?

This is currently 2.64.0. You can test with netlify version like so:

$ netlify version
netlify-cli/2.64.0 darwin-x64 node-v10.16.0

If not on the newest version, please try upgrading like so:

npm i netlify-cli -g

After upgrading please try deploying again. If this doesn’t resolve the issue or if you are already on the current version, please let us know.

I guess I’m a few versions behind. I’ll try upgrading in the morning

netlify-cli/2.53.0 darwin-x64 node-v13.14.0

please let us know if this fixed things!