Netlify deploy hangs at Waiting for deploy to go live

I was able to deploy on May 7. On May 8 my builds started failing. I am able to successfully build locally. the build logs are below. To attempt to get around this i stopped the automatic build and deploy and attempted to deploy from my local command line. I installed netlify-cli v 2.50. I executed netlify login and netlify link. When linking i used the site id. Both commands executed successfully. Then a deployed with the follow command

netlify deploy --prod -d .build --timeout 9999

The command line just hangs at the line “Waiting for deploy to go live”. I tried cli versions 2.50, 2.49 and 2.21 but all do the same thing. I’m currently using node v10.20.1

site name:
build logs:
5:21:42 PM: Build script success
5:21:42 PM: Failing build: Failed to build site
5:21:42 PM: Failed during stage ‘building site’: Deploy directory ‘.build’ does not exist
5:21:42 PM: Finished processing build request in 46.386728032s

hmm, i think the problem might be with the way you have named your build directory. I’m not sure we handle directory names with dots in them very well. did this used to work?

Hi perry, thank you for responding. Yes it did work before. The automated deploy was working as of May 7. On may 8 it no longer worked. I’ll change the build folder so that it doesn’t start with a ‘.’ and see if that works

yes, that would have been my next suggestion! let us know how it goes.

Thanks perry. i changed my destination folder from ‘.build’ to ‘build’. I was able to deploy via the command line. the automated deploys are still failing. the log message states its still looking for ‘.build’. but i’m on a path to recovery.

thanks again for your help.

great, we are making some progress then.

could you post a screenshot of your build settings? i want to try and see if we can get your automated builds working again.

As soon as i clicked the reply button, i thought of the build settings. It was still referencing ‘.build’. I updated it and deployed and everything is working as expected.

Thanks again. Stay safe!

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hooray! go team! glad its working. :smiley:

Today, I got same issue. I build a node project in sub folder (name ‘ui’), so I build and it create /ui/build folder

I set base folder is ui already. But when deploy netlify can not found build folder.

So after that I set build folder to ui/build and it work (althrough on config screen it display “ui/ui/build”

Hey there!

That’s absolutely right. Your publish directory will always append your base directory :+1:.