I want to ask about netlify uptime for starter package , is it 99.99 or not?

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According to the pricing page there is no SLA for plans below Enterprise.

If you search the forum for uptime you can find related threads like:

See also https://www.netlifystatus.com/ to get an idea of past incidents

hi there,

there is no SLA (service level agreement) for starter tier sites on the standard network as nathan correctly indicated, but SLA’s are not solely concerned with uptime, but stand in relation to it. SLAs stipulate our response time to an incidents that affect uptime, as in, we agree to get you a response within a certain time as well as mandatory minimum communication standards/timelines around RCAs (root cause analysis) for incidents affecting uptime. So an SLA is more of a package of agreements than just saying "we guarantee your site will be up 99.99 of the time)

We only give uptime guarantees for our HP Edge network because it is a much more tightly controlled environment than our standard network. (sidenote: this, nathan, is why we will only allow NFT sites on that network, as the codebase and usage patterns have to pass much more stringent monitoring in order to be allowable.)

As Roneo indicates, you are welcome to take a look at the netlify status page which does include information on incidents that affect uptime across tiers.

The uptime for our standard network does get affected by incidents more frequently than the more premier networks - but that is also why starter tier is free without addons. :slight_smile:

if you are needing a more specific, guaranteed uptime, then we’d be happy to connect you to the sales team that can talk through your specific situation with you, if you’d like!

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@perry I understand the SLA includes more than just an uptime guarantee, however on the Pricing and Plans page it is explicitly phrased as 99.99% uptime SLA, there’s no expanded detail available, nor any other reference to uptime.

If I understand correctly the “standard network” is also what the paid Pro & Business plans are on?

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yep, you understand correctly.

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The negative way to look at it is that the paid plans don’t offer better uptime than the free plan.

The positive way to look at it is that the free plan gets business level uptime at no charge.

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