Uptime on free tier?

Does anyone know the uptime on a free tier on netlify as I currently can’t find it.


Hey @SandwichDev, thanks for your question. If you have been using our system for a while you know we do everything we can to keep our uptimes as high as possible, even for those folks who are using our global CDN without paying anything. We haven’t historically publishing binding uptime data for the free tier, as when we do experience issues, we of course prioritize regular customers, especially those who have signed an 99.99% uptime SLA on Enterprise. You can read more about that here: https://www.netlify.com/pricing/

With regards to system issues, always check https://www.netlifystatus.com/ (although, we have an integration to push outage notifications to Community).

Additionally, we’re always looking for talented and friendly engineers to join our team to help make things even better… https://www.netlify.com/careers/

Hi there, what about Pro plan SLA ? Regards

Howdy @visualchart & good question. We don’t provide any SLA for plans below the Business level. The uptime for sites on those plans is similar - closer to 99.98% as measured by pingdom over the past year - but we make no guarantees on the Starter and Pro plans (all other plans use the same CDN as one another, rather than a special Business-level CDN which sites on that plan get - so, will have similar uptime).

Businesses that require a contract specifying availability and/or guaranteed Support response time can of course work with our sales team on a custom contract (only available at the Business price point) that specifies one that matches their needs. We want to find the plan that works best for you, so don’t hesitate to ping if you’d like to explore opportunities for custom contracts that best suit your business with our sales team, but please be aware that the starting point for such custom plans is $500/mo before asking for that connection so we don’t waste your time :slight_smile: