What plan to benefit CDN / High-Performance Edge?


Currently using the free plan of Netlify to host several websites, and I love it.
I’d like to update my plan to have better performances.

Indeed, the sites are a bit slow where I am located (some island in Africa).
I am wondering if the free plan actually includes a CDN ?

To what plan should I upgrade my account to benefit from a faster CDN ?
Is that what you call high-performance Edge ? The pricing page about it is not clear at all, I don’t understand it.
Will it apply to all the websites from my account ?

Thanks !

@SimonWMX Netlify run two networks, one that they deem their “Standard Network” and the “HP Edge Network” (which can be thought of as the “Enterprise Network”).

The free Starter Plan and the paid Pro and Business Plans all run on the “Standard Network”.

The pricing for an Enterprise Plan is discovered by reaching out to their sales team.
When I raised the prospect of getting better support last year I was quoted that the plans start at $2,000 USD a month (on an annual plan).

Here’s a thread where it’s discussed but in regards to uptime guarantees:

Thanks for your answer !

That’s way too expensive for me, I just can’t afford it.

I was hoping basic paid plans would offer better performances.
Maybe I will need to find a way to host my images on a CDN like cloudfront or something like this, I need to dig the subject.

The slowness is also probably due to my unconventional location in Africa, but most of my clients are located here also, so I’ll need to find a solution.

@SimonWMX You can see a list of CDN locations for the two networks in this post:

Thanks @nathanmartin
I’d need the one from South Africa, but it’s on the enterprise plan… Too bad for me!

Do you know if there is a possibility to plug an external CDN like Cloudfront or other ?
Maybe at least just for the assets.
That probably deserve a new thread

@SimonWMX Just to be clear, (and to anyone else reading), I didn’t actually receive a quote from Netlify regarding using their “High-Performance Edge”, there’s more details on my specific quote here:

It’s possible that using the “High-Performance Edge” may actually be more expensive than I’d mentioned.

You could absolutely host your assets elsewhere and just link them in to the site, this would be no different than having your assets coming from the cdn of any of the cloud based CMS’.

I know you said “Cloudfront” (which isn’t the same thing), but just be aware that Netlify advise that you not put “Cloudflare in front of Netlify”

I’m not sure where the CDN locations are for other providers, but you could perhaps give them a test and see which one provides you the with the best speed/cost benefit ratio.

Examples are: