Uptime on Business Tier

I am working with a client to deploy the Gatsby Cloud generated website to a deploy target.
We are considering Netlify.
I understand only Netlify Enterprise comes with an uptime guarantee (% 99.99). A monthly cost of $ 3000 is not acceptable for my website.
I am considering Netlify Business with three members ($300 / month), but my client is reluctant to move forward since they will not have an uptime guarantee. Can you inform me of the historic uptimes of Netlify Business (e.g. per month), to hopefully convince the client Netlify doesn’t go down all the time?
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I’m not sure if engineers will provide more indepth details but you can view the status of netlify services here, and you can also see the uptime (of the enterprise network) maybe that could help? Although it would be nice to see the uptime of non-enterprise networks there too.

Hi @RoeckieTM!

We do not provide an SLA on the business plan. Our uptime on all plans is over 99.9% as measured by pingdom over the past several years, and as Aaron I think wanted to link you to, here is our statuspage that has specific listings for every CDN outage, if you’d like to understand how frequently and how long such outages have lasted:

Thank you for the replies. Can we get more information on those pingdom stats?
If that could be shared, it would help to convince my client your business plan has good uptime stats (even if there is no SLA).

hi @RoeckieTM, fool is out this week on PTO, but I can try to assist. Pingdom is an independent service that monitors uptime for services that contract with them. You can learn more about pingdom and how they measure uptime here:

This article is a little older, but does a good job of explaining what “nines” mean in terms of uptime:

You can also take a closer look at is out status page:

that is our single source of truth for any incidents that may affect customer uptime/availability.

i hope this answers questions for you and your client!

What type of application do you manage and what level of uptime do you commit to?

I’m B2B SaaS, 99.5% MyGroundBiz Account

hi Tremaine, i’m not quite sure who this question is for?

As mentioned above, our uptime for all plans is upwards of 99.9%