Load balancer - is there a solution which can increase the uptime

netlify free tier is awesome. I didn’t know about netlify a few days back but now I have a site hosted with it.
but it doesn’t have an uptime guarantee and I have anxiety about it.
while researching about it I came across blog posts that happily said they have a site hosted with netlify but when I clicked on the link the site was inaccessible. I refreshed the site a couple of times and then the site loaded. can this situation be avoided?

I am not a techie but is there a way of hosting so that if netlify is down, the site gets loaded from somewhere else? maybe I host my site on netlify and firebase - netlify gets loaded first, but if it’s not available site is loaded from firebase. Is it possible? If not, is there a solution which can increase the uptime?

Hi there,

Surprising to hear reports of random downtime - we monitor our services pretty heavily and report issues when they occur on our statuspage: https://status.netlify.com (where you can see our historical uptime based on incidents there, though not all incidents affect site service such as the one on saturday that was just around our CI system).

Our uptime on the free and Pro levels is generally over 99.9% via Pingdom.

Sites on our enterprise plans do feature a guaranteed SLA, so if availability and accountability is substantially valuable to you, you might contact our sales team for details on an enterprise subscription: https://www.netlify.com/enterprise/

The High-Performance ADN has an uptime closer to 99.99% over the past year - you can see the last month here: https://www.netlifystatus.com/#month

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