Our site encountered 7 minutes down(This site can't be reached)

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We encountered 7 minutes down, shows “This site can 't be reached”. Both our website’s status monitor and customer feedback confirm this service down.

But our latest deployment is on 10/26, and I checked Netlify status, it shows no exception today.

Any suggestions for this? Any other feedback about the network problem 1h ago approximately.

Thank you very much!

seems because of this: https://www.netlifystatus.com/incidents/x50zsp33sz18

And also, what’s the Netlify incident compensation policy of such incident, which affects our website customers, thank you.

@Bosn Enterprise level accounts have an SLA, I don’t believe that other accounts do, but Netlify will confirm.

Thank you, Nathan, plz let me know if you have further notification.

Hi there! Yes, the downtime was related to that incident. We do not offer uptime guarantees for customers outside of Enterprise plans, nor do we compensate for downtime without this type of plan. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!