Recent outage

Hello, one of my deployments triggered my uptime monitor to fail with request timeout and it was down for 9 minutes and 11 seconds. During that time I tried to access the control panel by and it wasn’t reachable. Right now I can access my account and also my deployment is back but on zero mention of anything!

Same here, hope you’ll find a solution fast.
Good luck. <3

Hey @Compagnie and @daniel-bmybit

There is mention of an outage as I read/reply (see below):

See for more.

Hey folks! Following up, our teams have mitigated the issue and are monitoring it now. If you are still encountering obstacles, please let me know.

As @coelmay shared, you can always check for real time updates.

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Hi there @hillary !

Glad to see this issue was resolved. Is there any detail you can provide on the issue cause that we can share downstream with our clients?

I’m still having issues with my site. Some visitors are reporting a blank page or a too many redirects errors, while the site works well for others. I cannot replicate the error on my end, but several users say the site is down. Could it be something to do with the load balancer?

Hey there, @vickyd

Can you please share you site with us so that we can look into this further? Thanks so much!

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Thanks for the quick reply!
This site is

finally saw the error myself.

Opened the site in 2 different browser (safari, chrome), same machine. 1 loaded fine, the other one gave redirect errors. 30 seconds later, both are now loading fine…

Hey there, @vickyd :wave:

Thanks for confirming. Your site is loading well for me in both safari and chrome with no redirect errors. This is what I see:

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