URGENT: No website of mine are working correctly

All the website are showing
Error - Request ID: XXXX

And no website is able to open

Please fix it, its really really urgent

Hey there, @ArunTeltia :wave:

Thanks for reaching out-- we have our engineers looking into this! We will post follow ups in this thread as we learn more.

Same :slight_smile: Thanks @hillary

Hey folks! Thanks for writing in about this matter. We have posted a status page, and our engineers are investigating this further. For all of our updates, please stay tuned here:

Hi, stuff seems to be back up but I still had issues with Identity login via Google. Netlify’s Identity login fine, but via Google some redirects still failed… it’s back now but could be intermittent???

Hey there, @mcounsell :wave:

Thanks for following up. We have identified the issue and a fix is being implemented. I will make sure the team is aware of what you are encountering!

@mcounsell :wave:

If you are still seeing intermittent errors (I know you posted roughly 15 minutes ago, so you may be past it) can you please try redeploying?

Keep us posted.

Thanks, seems stable now as far as we can tell… can we get some more info on what actually occurred please? the status/incident page here is pretty bare bones Netlify Status - Errors and latencies with Netlify

For a major incident us folks ( who are techy anyway ) kinda want to know what really occurred as our jobs are on the line over stuff like this. Thanks

Hey there, @mcounsell

Thanks for sharing that-- I appreciate how important of a matter this is! I have opened a helpdesk ticket on your behalf. Our Support Engineers will follow up directly via email.

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+1 :crying_cat_face: :scream: :sob:

we’re still getting 502s and 504s on several client sites, including on static resources

it seems to be an intermittent problem as sometimes reloads work and sometimes they don’t. eg requestid 01GAKRR2T9N9H07GQX4WEH9JVB, 01GAKRTF16Q28JMYXV5F1ZA8WN etc.

Hey there, @mfan :wave:

Thanks for sharing this-- I have escalated this to the appropriate teams and we are continuing to investigate.

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I’m also getting intermittent success, 502 Bad Gateway errors and Internal Server Errors (ex Request ID 01GAKS5HZVFTG1H2DCX7D336Z8)

Hey folks-- systems have been back up and operational for the past few hours. Should anyone encounter this obstacle again, please do not hesitate to follow up here. Thank you!