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Site down, but everything looks valid in the dashboard/status


our site is https://eldritch-foundry.com/, but its not responding, we have other deployments that are working.

nothing really changed, no deploy made - we got the notification from pingdom and started looking into it…

what is the right way to investigate such an issue? is this the right place to report it?

Seems like it was a temporary problem as it’s working now.

yes, it came back about two minutes before your post @hrishikesh

about three hours of downtime, how do we understand what happened?

I can’t really comment on what might have happened. Netlify status page shows no incidents, not sure why just your website was affected.

@jlevison Welcome to the Netlify community. Are you certain your DNS settings are correct? You have assigned your DNS to Bluehost, where most of your records point. Your server comes back as Netlify, but is being served by Bluehost.

You might want to review this information again and compare it against your settings:

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Thanks @gregraven. I know our DNS configuration is a mess, and it is a possible reason for some issues we have. It is also an issue to fix that right now.

Thing is, it has been like that since 2019, so why would it affect something right now?
During the downtime earlier when i tried to resolve it, it was resolving to (which is what it is also resolving to right now)

Hey @jlevison,
Can you say more about your DNS configuration being a mess? I’m looking for DNS history of your site because what’s happening is that the vast majority of your site traffic is being routed through a CDN node in France Frankfurt that has been pulled out of rotation upstream of Netlify. I’m going to move you over to our helpdesk but if you could be thinking of any historical changes that may have resulted in that, that would be super helpful for us in thinking about how to get you back online.

Sometime in 2019 a contractor was doing some work on transferring domains and changing nameservers, they ended up getting to a ‘its working’ state but they did not configure it correctly, we knew that but we did not understand how bad it was.
There were no changes recently.

We also knew that something is up with Netlify CDN as we were seeing significantly different load times globally - but apparently it was all the bad DNS configuration, we were not using the CDN…

We followed the guides now and moved our nameservers to Netlify - everything is working as it should after that.

Thanks for the assist.