Sites Down. Is Netlify down?

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For some reason both my sites have stopped loading. No errors etc.

We are also facing the same problem, side down in the last hour

I checked their status page and there isnt anything listed regarding an outrage

It doesn’t seem as though there any any updates on the Netlify Status page:
Have you made any recent changes or could you try a previous build?

There are no changes, site was live 20 minutes back.

Even ping to netlify Ip addresses fails

Nope no changes site was working fine earlier

yes server is down I think.

Yeah I have ran some checks myself to no avail, I will ping @luke here for you and hope that it is resolved shortly!
@yumo It is likely that you are facing the same issue as @Mistik but can you please provide your domain or App ID so that staff can help on an individual case basis if required.

Wait, I suddenly see new IP address in netlify custom dns configuration

Thanks Aaron! I hope its resolved soon

Just to confirm one more thing, are your domains registered through Netlify? I checked my own sites which are up at the moment, however, the domains are externally registered.

My domains are externally registered. Using cloudlfare.

But I have other sites also doing the same thing which work fine

Yes, external

I am wondering, how the IP address in the custom domain changed without informing us?

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No issues with my sites - all externally registered.

Hope Netlify finds a fix for you guys soon :netliheart:

@mistik, can you check if this is also the case for you? Change of IP address in custom domains settings

I use cloudflare with netlfiy.

How can I check the IP address in netlify?

Go to site settings and click domain management and check DNS configuration

doesnt show IP doesnt work either


These both seem to be working for me. If these are the netlify domains for the ones posted above, it definitely sounds like a DNS issue. It could line up to the IP changing as mentioned above although I am not sure why it would. Random suggestion, have you tried renewing the Let’s Encrypt certificate? Maybe it propagates through.