Website is down and "Awaiting External DNS" is erratic

Hi! I hope you are great.

A couple of days ago I created a new topic regarding this situation.
My main domain was down without any apparent reason. After a couple of hours it was online again without making any other changes. This situation happened again and my website is down again. I have other domains with the same settings pointing to the same netlify name site: (e.g. and and none of these websites have this erratic behavior.

I share some images from my configuration:

While I was creating this topic I realized that my NETLIFY and NETLIFYv6 for and records were pointing to a different netlify site name: and not this one

I deleted these recordsbecause I thought it might have been the reason why it was not working correctly but right now I don’t know how to create again these records without affecting the rest of my DNS records.

Can somebody here help me with to understand what should I need to do?

This specific website was deployed manually:

It seems you’ve changed the production domain and the .com version seems to be working fine. Are you still having an issue?