Wrong Domain Added to my Account by mistake

I used to own davisdomain.net and I was trying to add it. I missed some wording when going through the prompts. I was thinking I would be able to pay for the domain again then add it. Basically, I added it only to find that someone else actually owns it currently. I need to be able to remove this domain from my account, but there does not seem to be a way to do that, which is weird.

Hi @aristigon :wave:t2:

There should be options to remove a domain… though I’m not fully sure by your description which style of domain it was added as. If you’re meaning that you added the domain to Netlify’s domain hosting service (e.g. Netlify’s Nameservers and you manage the DNS records via Netlify’s UI), then the option to “Delete DNS Zone” should be available at the bottom of the DNS admin page. If you’re not using Netlify’s domain hosting service (using some other Nameservers) and just pointing the domain at Netlify’s hosting via A record or CNAME record, etc. there should be a “Remove Domain” option within that Site -> Settings tab -> Domain Management (left-side tab) -> Options button.

Hopefully that helps!


Thanks. That was the help I needed. I just needed to delete the DNS zone.

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