Deleting Domain on one account to add it on another account not working

The site we had up is:

I am migrating to a new Netlify account. I removed the domain names, deleted the site, and deleted the DNS Zone on the old account and expected to be able to add the domain ( on the new account.

When adding the domain on the new account, I ran into the following error:
"A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1, the DNS provider backing Netlify DNS

Please contact NS1 with the domain name for support."

I have sent a request to be contacted by NS1, but haven’t been contacted yet and was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue before?

Is there a way to remove the DNS Zone on NS1 without needing to wait for contact from them?
Is there an alternative method for adding the domain to Netlify?

This sounds like you have done everything required.

Curiously there is a discrepency in the name servers for the domain

whois shows p07

$ whois | egrep -i '^Name Server'
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:

and dig shows p04 though the request was answered by p07

$ dig NS +trace | tail -n 6	86400	IN	NS	86400	IN	NS	86400	IN	NS	86400	IN	NS
;; Received 133 bytes from in 24 ms

This support-guide is possibly relevant here

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thanks for the insight and the command line tools. I read through the article you linked, but I don’t think the issues there are relevant here unfortunately. With the dig and the whois you’ve run, it looks like the DNS Zone is active.

However, the discrepancy you found is strange and might be related to the issue at hand.

Would you know a way to forcefully delete the DNS Zone through a command line tool or by some other method?

At the end of the day, I’d like to simply get rid of all the DNS records and Zones on Netlify so that I can re-add them under a new account.

Only the zone administrator can do that (e.g. Netlify, NS1.)

Are you certain you removed everything from the account? Unless there was a back end issue when you removed the domain, the likely thing is you missed removing something from somewhere. You need to remove all custom domains from site as well as remove the domain from Netlify DNS.

Curious why you need to migrate to a new Netlify account.

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the Netlify account we’re migrating from uses my personal GitHub account, and my client wanted to use there own GitHub account for hosting.

Thanks for letting me know about how only the zone administrator can fix the issue if I opt for a forced method. I’ve contacted NS1 about the issue, so hopefully I’ll get some good news on that front.

As for my account, I’ve deleted pretty much everything on the account save for deleting the account itself. Not sure what else I can delete.

  • Deleted the site from the account
  • removed the domain names
  • deleted the DNS Zone

is there anything I missed?

Sounds like you’ve done everything correctly. I cannot guarantee how long it will take for a Support Engineer to assist you (I don’t work for Netlify.) ping @luke @SamO

Hi @frostbind,

I’m not finding the domain on Netlify’s NS1 account and I’m also not finding the domain on any Netlify DNS Zone or site. Have you heard back from NS1?

Just to be certain, the domain is

Thanks for responding Melvin!

I haven’t heard from NS1 yet and have sent a follow up request for support.

I just double checked, and yes the domain is

Is there anything else that can be done other than waiting for NS1 to respond?

Hi @frostbind,

Unfortunately, nothing can be done on our side. We have a Support Guide here:

One of the suggestions is to use External DNS instead of Netlify DNS:

  • If nothing else above works , instead of using Netlify DNS, you can use the external DNS instructions to connect the domain name to the site at Netlify. Note that this can be just as fast as using our DNS hosting, as explained in this support guide .

Would that work for you?