Suspended Account Without Any Reason

Our firm recently recently recommended Netlify hosting for the first time to our client. Our client’s Netlify account has recently been suspended without any reason or forewarning, that I’m aware of. There are no outstanding invoices and the Pro Account has been active, and paid, for 3 months. Since realizing the site went down, they submitted a request and received an automated response, but haven’t heard back in the past 5 and 1/2 hours.

The automated email response indicated, based on the Pro service level, “you will likely receive a response within about four business days”.

Is this normal for your “Pro” service to suspend production sites, without warning, and no ability to resolve the issue for “about four business days, hopefully faster”?

When searching for “suspended” on the forum, it appears this is a common problem.

Site: strong-kringle-f73092

So sorry about this, @quadland and thanks for raising this! I still can’t tell what happened to cause this, and filed an urgent bug with our devs to understand.

But, in the meantime I have managed to work around the problems some teammates found in re-enabling the site and it is back online. Will follow up here once they figure out what happened for us.

@quadland Having sites be suspended or being unable to sign up for a Netlify account is an increasingly common problem, due to systems that Netlify have put in place to reduce abuse of their system.

However yours is the first I’ve read where the account impacted is a Pro Account, normally if I see someone report that their paid account has been suspended, it’s because they’re in arrears and have exeeded 4 weeks of non-payment as per the Overdue accounts documentation.

Long support times for “Pro” and “Business” plans have long been the case, as Netlify consider them to be “self service hobbyist plans”, see the discussion in this thread:

Netlify’s direction as a company is to focus on Enterprise, as per the announcement by their CEO when they recently restructured.

This had nothing to do with any of that, Nathan - it was as far as I can tell an unrelated bug, but thanks as always for trying to help.

If a paid customer can’t get timely support by a ticket, having to resort to publicly announcing a problem on a forum, several years after I raised it as an issue, then I believe it is still related.

As has always been the case, if Netlify are now offering better support for lower level PAID plans, I’d love to hear it.

Note: I’ve no issue with you accidentally suspending a paid account, although @quadland’s client may, since accidents happen and things go wrong. However it perfectly demonstrates that issues can arise which are only able to be resolved on Netlify’s side, for which speedy support is critical (even for customers without the financial means of enterprise customers).