Account suspended without reason?

Hi my account got suspend without any reason i have been using netlify from 2 years and 8-9 month since any deployments. I am not even able to login to my account

bumping this so staff could see it, @laura seems to be active right now

you should put this under ‘admin’ btw or contact

I don’t think I’ve ever seen @laura handle one of these (outside of just locking the thread):

They’re usually forwarded along to the relevant team by @SamO.

Hi, @sagarj. This was resolved in support ticket # 229289.

About this:

my account got suspend without any reason

Please don’t make false statements here. There was a very good reason the suspension happened.

@luke While it’s somewhat immaterial now that it’s resolved, do you know if the reason was communicated to @sagarj at the point of the initial suspension?

Their statement was vague, so while it’s possible they intended it to say “it was suspended for no reason” (e.g. I did nothing wrong and Netlify are out of line), I had interpreted it as “it was suspended without any reason given” (e.g. I don’t know why it was suspended), I was leaning towards the latter due to the use of the ? in the title.

Based on my reading of the various legal documentation provided by Netlify, they have the power to terminate a site or an account without notice.

@dig That’s my point, I don’t believe I’ve ever see them give notice.

Hence it’s not strange at all that someone would query why, and that it’s more likely they’re asking why than making an assertion they know to be false.


My hunch (just a hunch) is the majority of people whose accounts are suspended/terminated in such a manner know very well that (some of) the activities are a partaking in via their deployed sites are not only violations of Netlify’s terms but generally considered illegal in all jurisdictions.

I don’t expect the legal eagles to divulge such information.

I’d also suspect most users would know full well why they’ve been suspended - despite any protestations to the contrary.

But since Netlify are known to suspend accounts for hosting public repositories of clone sites that seem at surface value to be innocuous, I’d imagine it’s also entirely possible to genuinely not know what you’ve done wrong.

It doesn’t excuse the fact that you have broken the terms.
Netlify don’t have to give notice, explain why you were suspended or enter into any discussion.

I’m just saying that the policy of providing no details at the point of suspension effectively guarantees that a percentage of those users will return to question why.

For those users that aren’t playing coy, aren’t “evil to the core” and simply have no idea why they’ve been suspended, it’s just a little rude to be “slapped down” for seeking an explanation of where they went wrong.

I know I’d be mortified if I got suspended and I’d want to know.


Hello, I have the same issue with my account. My account has been suspended for no reason. I checked my mail inbox to find any message or mail concerning the suspension of my account, but I couldn’t find any. @SamO Your account won’t have been suspended “for no reason”, Netlify will have had a reason for suspending it, they don’t suspend accounts at random.

They just don’t tend to tell people why.

The relevant document is page 8 of the ‘Self Serve Subscription Agreement’:

Please, how do i resolve this issue? You just wait to see what a Netlify representative says.

Depending on why your account was suspended they may choose not to reinstate it.

Same here. There were no notice and all my sites are down.

Hi :wave:t6: you were actually suspended after we discovered a phishing attack on our platform from the following site: hxxps://netflixremodel.netlify. Phishing is against our terms of service.

Hi :wave:t6: thanks for reaching out. I’m not seeing a ban on your account. If you are still experiencing this issue please let me know by responding to this thread.

Oh!, can you please give me access to the account so I can take it down?

For anyone else encountering this thread and wondering why their site/s were taken down, you also cannot use domain names or site names that contain well known brands:

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We can take it down for you and reactivate your account. Please let me know either your account slug or the email you use to login. Thanks!

Please help take it down
I used my github account to sign up, but the mail associated with the account is