[Support Guide] Finding the IP addresses for Netlify's nameservers

Last reviewed by Netlify Support: February 2022

When you configure Netlify’s DNS hosting, we create a list of nameservers that you’ll tell your domain registrar to use to complete transition to our DNS hosting service. It’ll look something like this:


(See step 2 below to find out where these are located in our UI!)

In case your registrar requires IP addresses for these nameservers as well, here’s how to find them based on that list in your specific domain’s settings page. This list will be different for each domain you have with us, so please check the settings for each one to follow the below steps for it.

  1. Open a command prompt on your computer. If it’s a Mac, try running Terminal . If it’s Windows, try running command from the start menu. Run in a terminal window directly in case you use Linux. If that doesn’t work, please create a new post and give a thorough explanation of what you tried, and show exactly what you saw so we can give better advice. Screenshots are always helpful.
  2. Go to your Domains page at netlify, which you’ll find on your team’s page, accessible by clicking the team name in the header, and then selecting “Domains” and finally picking the domain in question:


  1. Scroll down to the “nameservers” section for that domain, and for each of the names there, run this command, substituting the “real” name of each nameserver, for example:

nslookup dns1.p04.nsone.net

(which matches the first one in my first screenshot). Output will say something like this (depending on which platform you are on)

$ nslookup dns1.p04.nsone.net

Non-authoritative answer: [note: this may look differently on your screen]
Name:	dns1.p04.nsone.net

The final “Address” is your answer for your registrar. Hooray! You’ll need to do this for each of the four nameservers listed.