Unable to set Netlify Nameservers for *.it domain

Hi there,

pretty much the same issue as Unable to move NS over to Netlify: validation failed and Help me with ip of netlify nameservers - #12 by jasiqli.

Domain: iamover.it

Listed NSs

  • dns4.p08.nsone.net
  • dns3.p08.nsone.net
  • dns2.p08.nsone.net
  • dns1.p08.nsone.net

Added to my account, a subdomain is supposed to be used for https://sweet-gnome-1a9ccd.netlify.app/

Please let me know the correct NSs so I can get back to my registrar.



would be nice if anyone could look into this, not much I can do about it from the admin UI sadly.

Your nameservers look right, I’m not sure what the problem is (based on the linked threads). What happens when you add those to your domain?

Hi, thanks for pooking into it.

Last I heard from the registrar was that they’re getting the error “Nameservers list […] different from NS Records: […]”. That’s exactly the same error as in the linked threads, which is why I ended up here.

Apparenty *.it domains do some kind of validation and won’t accept NS updates if that fails. – thats also what my registrar told me.

I’ll get back to them if you could confirm that the NSs shown in the UI rn are indeed matching the server side config, asking them to give it another shot.


Yup, I had checked before and checked again:


Those are the nameservers in NS1for your domain.

The registrar got back to me, change successful.

Waiting for propagation now.

Thank you for checking.