Go Daddy REQUIRING IP Addresses with Nameservers

I’m trying to set up a netlify site to use a custom domain purchased on go daddy, but when i try to add the netlify nameservers to the godaddy UI it keeps requiring IP Addressess with each of the four nameservers, but i can’t find any IP addressess anywhere on the netlify site that correspond to the nameservers…

Please help…

Try to resolve the IP address yourself, as example by pinging them from cmd.exd/bash/powershell/whatever.

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perfect advice, @niansa! @arrowgtp - we won’t document the nameservers IP’s since there are dozens of them and they may change, but you should check as niansa described.

nslookup DNSX.P0X.NSONE.NET from a command prompt will help you out.

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I have no idea what any of that means, to be honest…gonna try and move the domain away from godaddy, cuz they generally suck, IMO.

Are there any step by step tutorials on what you all mean and what is going on and how to do it? My knowledge of this area is suuuuuuuper limited…like nothing…there is an empty space in my brain where any and all knowledge about domain names and nameservers and all the other stuff would go.

Let’s try again:

  1. open a command prompt on your computer. If it’s a mac, try running “terminal”. If it’s windows, try running “command” from the start menu. If it’s something else, or that doesn’t work, please give a thorough explanation of what you tried and show exactly what you saw so we can give better advice.

  2. go to your domain page at netlify, which I think is one of the ones linked here: https://app.netlify.com/teams/arrowgtp/dns

  3. scroll down to the “nameservers” section:

for each of the names there, run the command I suggested:

nslookup dns1.p04.nsone.net for example, for the first one.

Output will say something like this:

$ nslookup dns1.p04.nsone.net

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:	dns1.p04.nsone.net

“Address” is your answer for godaddy.

Godaddy does indeed suck for asking this - they could determine it automatically but for some reason make you figure it out. But you’re close to escaping :slight_smile:

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ok, yay, that worked! I just needed a little bit more clarity, especially in regard to the terminal, as I don’t know it very well yet (only know it as far as i need it, basically.) sticking with GoDaddy for now, as it costs money to move domains, but yeah, they should just do this…argh!

Anyway, thank you!!! XD

If there are any other questions about this, @arrowgtp, please let us know and we’ll be happy to answer.