Setting up site using Netlify & GoDaddy

Hi everyone!

It’s the first time I’m trying to put my site online, and I’m running through some troubles, hopefully somebody will be able to help me ^^;

So I’ve bought a domain name on GoDaddy, and chose to host my site on Netlify. I’ve started the process on Netlify, until the point where I reached the 3rd step “Secure your site with HTTPS”. It then takes me to the “Domain Management” section. There, It displays 3 domains in the custom domain section:

(The last 2 ones are the domain names I bought on GoDaddy)

For the last 2 ones, I got an error saying “Check DNS Configuration”, and when I click on it, It advised me to “Log in to the account you have with your DNS provider, and add a CNAME record for www pointing to”

So I went to GoDaddy and tried that, but it wouldn’t let me add a CNAME record for www (I would get an error everytime I tried). So I looked online, and found some tuto about how to setup on GoDaddy. This tuto was basically saying I need to get the NameServers from Netlify and use them in my GoDaddy NameServers’ section. Problem is, I didn’t how to find NameServers for Netlify, so I’ve tried using the following 2:

Now back on Netlify, I get a processing mark in the HTTPS section saying “waiting on DNS propagation”. I don’t know if it means I did things right and just need to wait a few hours, or if I’m wrong.

I tried to get in touch with the GoDaddy customer support and they fixed by using the forward function, but the guy keeps asking me for NameServer to configure it properly without forwarding, so I’m a bit confused…

Also, although the forwarding takes me to the welcome page, all the other sub-pages seems to not be linked. Is it something I need to fix on Netlify or GoDaddy?

Sorry it’s a lot of details and probably stupid questions, but it’s my first time, and I’d be really thankful for any help…


Hey @alixkun, welcome!

You should add Netlify’s nameservers to GoDaddy, and then add a file called CNAME to the root of your repository, as content I’ve added my custom domain which in your case would be

That’s what worked for me, I can perfectly use Netlify DNS now. Here’s the link I read.

Hope this helps, else feel free to give us a shout again! :slight_smile:

Thank you Andy!

One of my problem is, I don’t know what’s Netlify nameservers, and where to find them. Could you help me with that?

Also about the CNAME, should I add it in my GoDaddy repository? Cause I believe that’s what I tried but got an error…

Hey, the nameservers are in the link I’ve shared. And the CNAME should be in your Git repository. Not GoDaddy.

Hi Andy
Thx for the quick reply!

The link youhave shared says to check the domain’s page, select my domain and check the Nameserver panel. But there’s no Nameserver panel. I can’t find this anywhere :frowning:

What do you see on GoDaddy?

Thanks Andy!
I found a way to go around it by updating the already pre-created CNAME with a www host on GoDaddy (instead of trying to created a new one) and it worked! Thx for helping!