Remove git contributors from my team

Hi, @ijrdo. I’ve created a support ticket for this and I’ve replied there now. Please reply to support ticket # 120598 if you see that email. However, if you don’t see an email about ticket # 120598, please reply here to let us know.

I also want to remove all the Git Contributor from my team.

Hi @Wikimee :wave:t6: , Welcome to the forums! :netliconfetti: I have opened a help desk ticket for you. Please stay tuned to your email for this ticket. (:

Hi SamO Nice to meet you, Can you please help me too I have added a git contributor by accident , and need to remove it.

Hi @voxguru :wave:t6: , Welcome to the Netlify community. Sure, we can remove your git contributor. I have escalated this to our support engineers to assist. Stay tuned to your email for an update.

Please note, this is a one-time favor you’ll be liable for all future contributors :slight_smile:

Thanks SamO I appreciate it.

Hi @hillary, I also want to remove all Git contributor from my team

Hi @pagechap

Welcome to the community! :partying_face:

I see you also submitted a support ticket about this and that they’ve already been removed.

Hi, I would like to remove a git contributor from my team.

Hi @brunoimbrizi :wave:t6:, I escalated this to zendesk so stay tuned to your email please. Please note this is a one- time favor so you will be responsible for your git contributors going forward.

Hello! We’d like some help in removing Git contributors as well

Hi @Thesis :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums! Good news you can now self serve the removal of Git contributors in the UI.