Cannot associate a Netlify account with BitBucket and GitHub

This came up in relation to but it really applies across all our Netlify apps.

I work at Cloud Four, an agency in your partner program. I recently committed some code for our clients, and got the standard “blocked pending review” for the deploy it triggered. This particular client uses BitBucket for their git repo.

When I went to associate the git account with a netlify account, I saw this:

(note the GitHub icon next to my netlify account)

Then on the next screen, I saw what appeared to be a confirmation message with a big green button:

Clicking the green button did nothing. No errors, just nothing happened.

Then I noticed the small gray line at the top about removing a “duplicate contributor.”

No explanation of what a duplicate contributor is, and no means to remove it.

I assume what’s happening here is it won’t let me associate my BitBucket account with my Netlify account because it’s already associated with a GitHub account.

Even if there was a mechanism provided to un-associate my GitHub account (and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere I could find it), this would just cause more problems, since now my Netlify account would be unable to make deploys on any of our other client Netlify apps, which all use GitHub.

I know this is a relatively recent change, but there must be a way to handle being able to deploy from different Git hosts using the same account. As an agency, we all have Netlify accounts that are added across many Netlify apps for our clients, and they don’t all use the same Git host.

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I am so sorry, it looks like somehow we missed this post from last week!

I see that Amelia is assisting you via email, so let’s keep the conversation there! I will make sure they know you have responded there so that we can continue supporting you.