Netlify Marketing Emails - Git Contributors

Can you advise if the recent/upcoming change that forces git-contributors to have an account with Netlify will also feed their email addresses into the marketing funnel for Netlify promotional emails?

If so, is there a capability to disable it, perhaps at an account level?

I’ve recently received a Netlify Marketing Email to an address that Netlify was previously unaware of.
I suspect it’s because I had to sign up for a fully fledged “Netlify Member” account when the change last went live.

In a situation where the upcoming auto git-contributor system is turned on, it would be odd if you contributed to a repository, in particular as an outside contractor, and then suddenly found yourself receiving marketing emails.

I spoke with each of the people from different teams who are responsible for different moving parts of both our email communications and our signup process, and we have ruled out the possibility of a git committer being added to the marketing email list.

@perry That’s excellent news, thanks for looking into it and confirming!

I can see how it will happen when you manually create an account and get it linked with a specific git user, since you’ve gone through the steps of regular account creation.

But it’s great to know that pushing a commit to a repo won’t inadvertently sign you up for marketing.