Where is the (promised) opt-in setting for Git Contributors?

Hey team!

In the recent blog post [ Improved workflow and new role for pricing changes ]

it is specified under point #2 that new Git Contributors will be opt-in with auto enrolment turned off by default. I was auto-billed for a full quota of contributors today, and it is suggested I need to upgrade to Enterprise. I want to remain with Netlify and I simply want to use the promised Opt-In feature. However, I don’t see this operational yet.

Please can you advise on how I can find the setting to opt-in (or rather out) of auto-billing for Git Contributors. It has cost me some real money so far, paying for seats for some bots and people who don’t really need to be approved for Git Contributions, so of course, I appreciate a timely response. My goal is for those users to simply have their commits blocked, as they are very tangential and don’t have anything to do with builds.

Am I understanding this correctly? Should I be able to opt-in to Git Contributors? It certainly reads this way. Otherwise, how can I make an informed intentional choice about the cost of Netlify, when my project is grandfathered in with many people committing? Will they simply hit my credit card when they commit and I can’t do anything about it? This predates working with Netlify, if so. I can’t re-configure the projects on such short notice… so I feel very concerned.

The summary of the question is where is the opt-in feature?

hi there, I hope to get you a bit more information on this thread and in your other one about branches, for but now, i want to point out the last sentence in that screenshot - the automatic approvals will be turned off by default, so you shouldn’t be in a scenario where commits and committers are flying through and therefore racking up charges.

As far as why you haven’t been able to opt-in to auto commits (I am not sure if i am understanding correctly as to whether you want or don’t want to have automatic approvals for git committers turned on? maybe you can clarify that? i see both viewpoints represented above) - that’s the part I’m not sure of. The information i’ve received is that it was available to opt in to after May 31st in the netlify UI.

But maybe this is a moot point if what you are trying to do is stay opted out - as, again, that’s the default, which means you would have granular control.

let me know if this answers your question!

edited to add on that if your build fails, or times out, then that committer also will “not count”. It is only successful commits that trigger builds on private repos that count towards the total.

@perry The important thing to confirm here is @f3rg saying:

It’s fairly clear that they have not turned on the “opt-in” feature, as they can’t find it.

Yet they’re having contributors suddenly being auto charged for.

This sounds like something has gone wrong with how it is implemented.

Key points:

  • They haven’t turned it on
  • They’re getting billed for additional contributors
  • They can’t turn it off

All you’ve done is confirm that it should be opt-in and that it shouldn’t occur by default.

The prudent thing to do would be to investigate if it’s operating properly.

My interpretation is they’re asking about the location of the opt-in feature within the UI, to confirm that Netlify have been true to their word and in the hopes that it’s also the same location to turn it off, and so they can ensure that it is turned off.

f3rg, when you say,

I was auto-billed for a full quota of contributors today

can you specify what you mean by that exactly?