Unable to use my netlify account due to connection issues

Hello, I have an uploading issue and I have not been able to resolve it on my end, I tried first uploading
then deleting a site on my account but still couldn’t. I am unable to host or do anything with the Netlify account Would you please help me, my email is hedenniskibe@gmail.com, and linked to GitHub account dennis-tech as its username

If you have a GitHub account linked to a Netlify account have you tried deploying from git rather than using Netlify Drop?

Hi, please try using continuous deployment if you can. I also cannot locate your account would there be another email associated with your app? Or you can provide your slug or site ID?

I had been using that for some time until now, there have been issues with the account even when i choose the git repository on the Netlify dashboard

Can you elaborate on the issues when using git @dennis-tech?

It fails to authorize my account because of the issue I am having, check this,

This is what its saying still on incognito,

That isn’t git @dennis-tech, that’s Netlify CLI. Two very different things.

As for the This site can’t be reached, I don’t believe this is a Netlify issue, but an issue with your device, or network. Have you tried accessing the Netlify UI using a different device or network?

I have interconnected my GitHub profile and my netlify account using the emails, hedenniskibe@gmail.com and irungudennis956@yahoo.com and my githhub profile is dennis-tech using both emails

Have you run netlify login on your computer?

yes i have used a different device and network and still couldn’t access

yes, it takes me on my browser for authentication and can’t complete the process because the browser says its insecure and later says it can’t connect

Can you provide us a HAR file?


Upon checking, this doesn’t seem to be a Netlify issue. Maybe you should contact your network provider or try using a VPN.