Caught in "Authentication Confirmation" loop when attempting to deploy a new site from GitHub

I am new to Netlify, but I have been successful in my attempts when deploying from a local folder. However, all attempts at deploying from GitHub have failed due to errors with authentication. I cannot reach past the first stage of the deployment window when attempting to use GitHub as the source since whenever I do I am brought to the “Authentication Confirmed” tab, where not even 1 second later it closes and I am brought back to the same page with no change.
I have attempted to problem solve by disconnecting and reconnecting my account, clearing my browser cache, and consulting with this site’s AI, yet despite all of that, I have not been able to see any development. Does anyone know how else I might attempt to solve this issue? Or has anyone had this issue before?

** I will include a screenshot of the pages I am referring to for reference.

What is the email associated with your account?

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Should be

Hi apologies for the delay in responding as I am just now seeing your thread. It appears that your account has been enabled.