Can't log in to my account

I signed up for a netlify account using github. The I disconnected my github from that account so I could use my github on a seperate account I have for work. Now I cannot log back into my personal account because it is disconnected from github (the way I logged in). This wouldn’t be much of a problem but one of the custom domains I have on my personal account is connected to a domain I need access too. Here is the message I get when trying to login to my personal netlify account.

Also I tried just to redeploy the site on my current working account, and it worked fine but I cannot add my custom domain to it because it is already being used on the other account.
The current working subdomain for the site right now is:

I need to connect the custom domain: to this subdomain.

Please help. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you got disconnected from your account.

Can you perform a password reset on your old account, using the email tied to the account (ie. your Github email)?



Hey Mike,

I tried to do an account reset for my github email. It tells me that there is no account for that email.

I just sent a password reset to the account email owning that domain. Can you double check that you received it and can access the site again?

Whenever I go to reset my password through the link I get sent to this page. Then I reenter my email and I get a new link and it takes me back to here.

Even the link you sent me


The reset tokens will expire after 30 mins, can you double check that you are visiting the token within 30mins after sending it from the UI?


Yes! I have been doing it right away! Definitely not after 30 minutes…

The problem was fixed! They rolled back a deploy that was causing some issues!
Thank you for the help Mike!