Github Account deleted. How can I log in with Netlify?


I signed up with Netlify with my GitHub account “WhizzyApps” (Email and created a site called “reverent-mclean-362fa1” which is using a custom domain.

I deleted my GitHub account and re-created it as an organization. Now I can’t log into Netlify. I reseted my password with Netlify but still can’t log in.

Question: How can I log in with Netlify?
I need to remove the custom domain because it is needed elsewhere.

Best regards,

Hi Karsten,

Nothing on our side blocking you from logging in with that email + a password as far as I can tell. Your account is in good standing and has one set. You certainly won’t be able to login via GitHub anymore unless you change the linkage (after logging in with password).

If you can’t login from here:

…then please retry resetting your password on the password reset page once more, and using the new one :slight_smile: