Deleted GitHub acc that was associated with my Netlify page, now can't use custom domain

As title says.

I’ve had GitHub account that was associated with Netlify account and my page deployed through there - due to original GitHub account being deleted now I’ve lost access to Netlify account and so I’ve created new one but while trying to attach my custom domain it says “Another site is already using this domain”

How do I go about it ?


Preferably, you’d delete your new account and let us help you recover your old one, so we don’t have to move everything around. The old one can still be used once we help you re-find access.

Could you let me know your former github account? Then I can DM you the email login that you can reset a password for at Netlify App (if you remember the primary email you used at GitHub, you can do this already without me looking it up for you :))