Account got overwritten > Domain name already taken

Hello Netlify Support/Community,

I used your service some month ago with my E-Mail as the account name. Some days ago I logged in with my GitHub Account, somehow my old website and account got overwritten (Luckily I had a backup of everything). The only problem: I used a custom domain “”. Now I cannot set the custom domain of my new website because it‘s already taken. Could you please inform me which website/account is using my domain so I can deactivate it (If I do not have access, please delete it for me). However if another account is using my domain please also inform me and delete it. Maybe it‘s my account but with a different E-Mail. I need the website with my custom domain for a keynote. If you need the register company of my domain it‘s Strato GmbH.

Hi Tom,

Old account and site is still there, you’d just need to login to it, to remove that site. Try logging in with your GitHub account tombuente- no password is set, so you’d have to login via GitHub :slight_smile:

Ahh now I understand. Big problem, I do not have that GitHub account anymore. I only have access to tombnt.

I recreated my account I tried to log in. No pages are showing.

OK, we’ll have to verify your ownership of that domain and we can remove it from the old site.

Please create a TXT DNS record at your DNS host (seems to be “”), with the name:

with value:

Account got overwritten > Domain name already taken

and let us know, and then we’ll remove the domain from the old site. We must require proof like this to prevent folks from taking over sites they do not have permission for.

I am having problems. My provider is I created the TXT Record with the prefix.

Thanks for creating that record, Tom. I’ve removed the domain from the other site so you will be able to use it on your site now.