NXDOMAIN after configuring Netlify nameservers

DNS issue, my custom domain name is iwanknow.com , am getting a server IP ADDRESS could not be found error.

It might take some time if you’ve just made the change. Kindly wait for some time to see. I checked your URL and the configuration seems to be done correctly.

@Lucky-victory How long ago did you make these DNS entries? Whois is not reporting that you have assigned name servers (even though dig does show Netlify name servers), and your custom domain is not coming up with either an assigned server or an assigned host. It can take up to 48 hours for DNS entries to propagate.

I changed it about 3days ago, the domain was initially pointing to cloudflare

Hi, @Lucky-victory. I do see that Netlify DNS was activated for this domain name. There is no website connected to it at Netlify right now though.

If this domain was going to be linked to a site deployed at Netlify, the next step would be to add the custom domain to the site settings at Netlify. This setting is found under Site Name > Settings > Domain management > Custom domains.

I don’t see any sites at all deployed on the account where this DNS zone is configured though. What site are you trying to link this custom domain to?

i added the domain with thoughts that i could use it in place of netlify’s subdomain , for instance: instead of having lucky-victory222.netlify.com, I could just use mine, which is iwaknow .com

Hi, @Lucky-victory. That is correct, you can use it in place of the netlify.app subdomain for a site. However, I don’t see any sites for your account.

thanks, any resource link on how to do that?

Hi, @Lucky-victory. Are you asking about how to deploy a site?

If so, there is a support guide about this here: