My custom site was working fine for 2 days then started to show DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

So the site was working fine in all countries (tested in 2 no vpn real internet provider companies worldwide.
Today out of a sudden it started working with me and my friends from another country on cellular internet only, not home DSL. Note that the site in some cities doesn’t work at all anymore but it was fine yesterday.

I’m sure the issue is most probably DNS, I just don’t know if my DNS configuration needs some edits to be propagated. I tried to add some more records on but maybe that made it even worse. Can a staff please check?
My domain:
Netlify Subdomain site name:

Whois shows nameservers are Netlify.

% whois | grep -i 'name server'
Name Server: DNS1.P01.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS2.P01.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS3.P01.NSONE.NET
Name Server: DNS4.P01.NSONE.NET

Google nameservers are still present alongside Netlify nameservers when using dig. You need to ensure the google nameservers are removed.

% dig NS		3600	IN	NS		3600	IN	NS		3600	IN	NS		3600	IN	NS		3600	IN	NS		3600	IN	NS		3600	IN	NS		3600	IN	NS
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I’ve deleted Google nameservers. What else should I have to fix besides that? It’s still has the same issue. Should I just wait for propagation?

Note: I’ve added yesterday the below SPF and TXT and from my panel in Google domains to DNS records. Should I remove them as well ?

Namekhaledb.comTTL3600 secondsTypeSPFValuev=spf1 ip4: ~all
Namekhaledb.comTTL3600 secondsTypeSPFValuev=spf1 ~all
Namekhaledb.comTTL3600 secondsTypeTXTValuev=spf1 ip4: ~all
Namekhaledb.comTTL3600 secondsTypeTXTValuev=spf1 ~all

Thanks for the heads up.

1 more thing if i may ask , does my domain loads fine with you?

SPF and DKIM are for mail delivery and don’t impact loading of a website.

DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate (see here.)

Using DNS Checker, I see a number of locations that have netlify nameservers, and many that don’t (see here.)

Currently does not load for me, likely due to the reasons outlined above.

What about the TXT files? Does it affect the site to be propagated or the loading in general? Should I delete them or it doesn’t matter?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for the help!

You mean TXT records?

Having such records does not impact propagation at all. TXT records serve a specific purpose, so I wouldn’t delete them.

Figured out the issue. has DNSSEC enabled. Netlify DNS does not support DNSSEC (see documentation and this thread.)

In order to use Netlify DNS for you would need to first turn off DNSSEC at the registrar (likely you would need to return the nameservers to their defaults first) at which point you could add the domain to Netlify DNS.

If you wish to continue to have DNSSEC enabled on you have the option to configure the domain using external DNS as per the following documentation

To decide on whether to use Netlify DNS or not see [Support Guide] Should I use Netlify to manage my DNS?

So now it seems that it loads fine in many countries. Can you check on your side please if it does load?

I have another issue that came up which is: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED.
Only in my own DSL provider, it seems? Any ideas about what caused it?

I am able to load

The cause for it not loading for you may come down to propagation of records—as mentioned previously.


Hi @KhaledBuilds,

The site is also resolving properly for me. When I visit the site displays.

If you’re still having issues, then it seems to be a local issue specific to your network or ISP. You may want to contact your ISP.