[Support Guide] Deploying a site to Netlify - different approaches

Last Reviewed By Netlify Support Staff: April 2024

So you are ready to put your work live? Great! Here are 3 ways to deploy a site on Netlify:

  1. Drag and drop. This is the simplest & quickest deployment method. There is a "drop zone" at https://app.netlify.com/account/sites/ (once you have logged in). You can drop a folder or zip file in the specified box at the bottom of the page. Then to update your site, just go to your Deploys page for that site and drag and drop right there.

  2. Command Line Interface (CLI). This is often the easiest way to integrate with 3rd-party Continuous Integration tools, and it doesn’t even require using the Netlify User Interface. Everything is done from your terminal’s command line. All you need is the directory with your files on your machine . To set up the CLI follow these brief instructions.

  3. Git-backed continuous deployment. This is the best workflow for people using git-backed repositories . If you already have your site in a repo you can deploy immediately upon commit, automatically! Below is what you’ll see at Netlify App, so just make your choice of the four providers we support and we walk you through set up from there.

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You can also deploy Netlify sites from

Lots of awesome ways to get sites & apps live on Netlify :muscle:


The Deploy To Netlify button (DTN) is a really good way to deploy to Netlify either for the first time, or as a way to bootstrap a project from a prebuilt scaffold.

There are a number of example templates which can be cloned and deployed with just a few clicks over at https://templates.netlify.com


Also deploy via real world buttons!



I would really love to see more “weird” ways to deploy. What if you could deploy by remote controlled car, by drone, by pinball machine, by alexa skill, by light sequencer…

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There is a nice little video of @rafa deploying via Siri:

And I use the free cron jobs on webtask.io to deploy a static, pre-generated clock every single minute! (which is silly, but possible):


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You can also deploy from code sandbox!

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