What's an ideal workflow for updating a site when not connected to a git repository?

I am working on a website for a client, and I decided to upload the files instead of syncing with GitHub. If I take this route, how do I download the files to edit? What would my workflow look like? Are there SSH or SFTP options?


Hi @jsphkm, when you upload files to Netlify via drag and drop they are propagated worldwide to the CDN. Netlify does some storage-cost saving measures on the backend to ensure that files are served in the most efficient way possible, so there is neither a server to SFTP or SSH into, hence the term “serverless”.

If you did want to update your site, all you’d have to do is visit the dashboard for your site, click “Deploys” in the top menu, scroll to the bottom and drag a new copy of your site onto the drop area to upload a new deploy:

Netlify will build a new version of the site for you, and give you a new preview URL to access that specific build at. Your netlify.app domain as well as any custom domains you’ve pointed at your site will now direct to the most recent version.

If you wanted to get a bit fancier, I’d look into the Netlify CLI which will let you deploy directly from the command-line manually. The page I linked to is a great place to get started learning how to deploy a site manually, rather than through git. The benefits of working this way are that you get more flexibility with deploying either at-will or at the end of a custom pre-build process done locally.

Hope this helps!

Thank you! That was helpful, it’s good to know that the domain will update to the new uploaded version. I also can see how netlify cli can be powerful. I won’t need it now but maybe in the future. I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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