How do i edit my website? it is finally up and i just want to know how to drop in my updated coded website

please colud you guys help with a step by step answer? thanks!

Hey @Frogmagician,

It depends! Did you deploy manually (drag and drop files) or using a Git provider?

If Git – once you update your master branch, the changes will be deployed to Netlify automagically!

If manually – you’ll need to drag and drop the files again to your site within the Netlify UI.

This page discusses all of the different ways to deploy. I hope it helps!

thats deploying a NEW site though? cant i edit the one i have up now?? as it took me a long time to get the domain sorted

hey frogmagician, you’ll keep the domain (which is basically nothing but a signpost, pointing the browser in the right direction) but you’ll overwrite the content with the new, edited, awesome content.

Let me clarify a bit what all the moving pieces are:

Works kind of like an old phone book. Look up a name, get the phone number. Domains are the same: Look up the domain, get the content.

Git provider: Sites like GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab. A place where you can store your site’s contents where Netlify can access it. You can set it up so that Netlify keeps tabs on the status of things, and it’ll detect when you have made some changes and automatically trigger a deploy.

deploy: process of taking source code and building it into html (if it isn’t html already), doing some magic, and pushing the html code out to the cdn edge nodes.

cdn edge nodes aka pops: computers located all over the world each serving the same content, kind of like a web if you will. makes your site fast regardless of where people are.

manual deploy: dragging and dropping a folder or individual page via the user interface to deploy your site. That’s the most basic way to get sites deployed.

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