Drop deploy results in "origin returned error code"

Hi folks! I am dropping my site folder in what I think is the correct spot and getting the error message referenced in the subject plus Deploy failed for thriving-cocada-2dad6e (which obv is my site name). Might I be doing something wrong? The site is just some static web stuff - nothing fancy (cors what-not)

thanks from a noob

@GaryB432 The “drag & drop” deployment method isn’t super reliable and has some known issues that apparently can’t/won’t be fixed.

Netlify recommend that if you can, you should use the Netlify CLI for deployment.

It’s quite a bit more technical, but once it’s hooked up you should just be able to run netlify deploy from the folder you wish to deploy.


And this specific section:

That was my favorite Netlify feature. Oh well. I understand I was on the free tier so don’t complain too much! Thanks.