Delay in uploading files

Hi Netlify,

Currently trying to upload my first folder using the “drag and drop method” and am getting stuck on the upload step. The file size is 38kb and compressed to 32kb.

It’s getting stuck on the uploading step and failing to proceed. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!


Which site are you talking about?

it’s a personal portfolio site

Hi @Ngee :wave:t6: Welcome back to the forums! :netliconfetti: As @hrishikesh mentioned we need to know what site you are using so we can help troubleshoot. Which Netlify site are you referencing? Can you send us the site name so that we can look into this further. Additionally, as we referenced in this thread, we only allow folks to have one starter account. What account are you logging in to?

thanks for the response … i don’t know for sure since i’m only new here and still a student but i guess this is the site referencing your talking about

That’s a team you linked to. We need the Netlify site name and for you to enable public deploy logs so we can investigate :slight_smile:

but i haven’t uploaded any site yet…
okay if this is what you mean… i wound appreciate it if you gave a few more hints

Right… are you using Netlify Drop? What errors are you getting? Before creating a post it’s important to give as much detail as possible with otherwise we really have nothing to work with :confused:

Hi, @Ngee. The drag and drop method is not one I would recommend. If there are any network issues during the upload process the drag and drop upload will “hang”. When I write “hang” I mean that the process will become stuck and never complete.

If you want to use manual deploys, I would strongly recommend installing the Netlify CLI tool and using it to make the manual deploys. The CLI tool is doing the same thing that the drag and drop method does. However, the CLI tool is more advanced and, if there are any problems during the file upload, the CLI tool will detect the error and it will automatic retry the upload until it is successful.

In other words, the “drag and drop” deploys can and will “hang” sometimes. The CLI tool manual deploys do not have this issue and this is why I recommend using that method. You can find the instructions to install it here:

The instructions to use it for a manual deploy are here:

Last but not least, you might also consider switching from manual deploys to the Git repo continuous deploy workflow:

That will automatically download the repo and run a site build anytime commits are pushed to the repo at the Git host (at GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket).

If there are other questions, please reply anytime.

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Thank you for the response

I have solved the issue,@netlify, i only needed to put the (index.html) at the rootfolder before other files then drag the project folder to netlify. … @netlify cli works too but i think it might be a bit difficult for the newbies like myself to understand… took me days… Thanks for your time.