Getting started, for semi-beginners

Hi there, I’m trying to get familiar with Netlify Dev, and I’m having a hard time finding a walk-through at my level. I’m not a complete newbie, but I’m not already familiar with the concepts that Netlify Dev brings together.

Basically, I have created several StencilJS projects and deployed them through Netlify using the UI/website. Now, I’m interested in adding functions and deploying using the CLI, and I just need some instructions on how to get things set up and what to expect with deploying without a UI. Most of what I find out there in terms of instructions seem to be for already-seasoned experts that just need to know “the Netlify way” of doing things.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


Thank you for asking for this, @gopherrdiggs! Let’s see who has some answers for you from the community, and we’ll fill in the gaps.

Maybe this is a great opportunity to write a semi-beginner blog post once you have learned what you feel you need to know? Seems like lots of other people might benefit.

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Here are the three ways to deploy to Netlify:

  • Drag n Drop a folder to Netlify admin UI
  • Using the Netlify CLI
  • Using continuous deployment through git workflow

Drop is pretty obvious and straight forward. See Here

Netlify CLI is a command interface that allows for you to deploy through the terminal. See Here

Continuous deployment and git allows you to create your project in a git repository and use Netlify’s build bots to build your site automatically on every commit. This is the recommended way to use Netlify for continuous changes. See Here

The beauty of this method is the ability to mimic your local development workflow for building and deploying using the CLI. Setting up a netlify.toml config file in the root of your repository gives added configuration options also. Instead of having to run a build and then run the netlify deploy command locally, Netlify’s build bot will do this for you.

NOTE: Due to the many options for project configuration for a static site setup, there is not going to be any one standard way to setup your Netlify configuration. Use a project you are familiar with to focus on finding tutorials others have written to show how to setup for Netlify.


Thank you for this reply! One of the things that initially drew me to Netlify was how simple the UI is for hooking into my github repo and set up continuous deployment when anything gets merged into, for example, master.

Are there any sample applications - maybe just an extension of the ever-popular “to do” app - that uses a function or two so I can see a step-by-step process of getting the app and functions running locally using Netlify Dev? If not, I absolutely don’t mind writing a blog post, but it seems like something that may already exist. I just haven’t found it yet.

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good question - i will ask the team to see if we have any examples that might work for this!

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I helped with this example, it uses FaunaDB for the database to store todos. It also uses a Netlify function for login.

In this example, once you are logged in, the browser talks directly to the database. It’s also possible to have the browser talk exclusively to Netlify functions, and have them talk to the database, or a mix, depending on your app.

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i recorded a demo using stencil itself, hopefully this gets you a good start

update: i had to take down the video bc of an accidental feature leak.

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Gopherdiggs us not alone. I’ve been going around in circles and left with decisions as to how much time to commit to learn as for me it is not a career but sincere interestbinthesuite of tools. Looking forward to what flows from this exchange. NonCognito hoping to become just Cognito!!

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this is an old thread, but this amazing resource from swyx might help:

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