How can integrate netlify for development with stackblitz?

I want to use development with online tool development. How can I integrate it? Thank you.

Hi @catafest, thanks for the post and welcome.

If possible can you explain further what you mean by “integrate it”.
Also could you clarify your use case.


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I want to use to develop the basic project created on Netlify.

Hi @catafest, if I understand you correctly, you want to use Stackblitz to develop your project before you deploy to Netlify.

While it is possible develop your application such as Frontend frameworks like React, Vue, Angular e.t.c in Stackblitz, you will have to setup a local development environment on your computer and then use the Netlify CLI to deploy to Netlify.

Alternatively you can push to your Git repository and the deploy the application by linking your repository in the Netlify UI dashboard.

Also note that Netlify services such as Netlify Functions, Forms, Decap CMS (Formally Netlify CMS) would have to be developed locally on your computer as the Stackblitz environment does not support it.

Hope the above helps.


Hey all! Just wanted to say hi from the StackBlitz team! :wave:

A little-known fact is you can install netlify-cli in StackBlitz WebContainers projects (e.g. all the projects that run on Vite), although we don’t store any authorization data, so you’ll have to re-authorize each time you return to your project and want to deploy (not super annoying, but not ideal as well and we’re working on making this step not necessary).

You can see this in my tweet:

That being said, working on StackBlitz with a GitHub repository as @clarnx describes and connecting it with Netlify is a really great experience, too! This is how I’m using it, personally :slight_smile: