VanillaJS & Lean Web

When possible I believe that simpler code is better code. Based upon that, I would favour the use of HTML, CSS and VanillaJS in the development of frontends. This would limit the use of complicated SSG’s, JS frameworks and libraries. Is Netlify compatible with this approach? Thanks.

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For sure, Netlify is ideal for deploying a simple site following the approach you describe. You can simply drag-and-drop a folder in the Netlify App and it will be live instantly. Or you can connect to a Git repository for continuous deployment.

Then you can set up a custom domain, secure it with HTTPS, configure asset minification, etc. All of Netlify’s features work whether or not you are using a Static Site Generator or JS framework.


Thank you…


Is is possible to implement Netlify functions with this?

Hi, @christopher-kapic. Functions do not work with drag and drop deploys. You must use either a Git repo or the Netlify CLI to deploy in order to use functions.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.