Continuous deployment for a web page which doesn't need a build step

I want to deploy a simple web page from GitHub on Netlify. By simple, I mean a web page which just contains HTML, CSS and some JavaScript and therefore don’t require a build step. Most of the tutorials I am following assumes a build step which I don’t need at the moment.

I am wondering if is it possible to setup continuous deployments with Netlify for a web page which does not require building?

@hashiromer Welcome to the Netlify community.

This is absolutely possible … even easy. Assuming you have your finished pages on GitHub, you just link Netlify to your repository and leave your build parameters empty. Netlify will grab the pages, see there are no build commands, check to see which page(s) have changed, do any pre-processing that you have requested in the Netlify dashboard for that project, and then push the files out to the CDN.

Note that for really simple projects where you don’t need collaborators or any of the features provided by git, you can also drag-and-drop your file(s) in the Netlify Deploy dashboard area for near-instantaneous publishing. Publishing simple sites via GitHub is fast, but drag-and-drop is mind-blowing – almost as fast as SFTP publishing.

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