Continous Deployment setup tutorial

I’m following the deployment guide on the Netlify blog in the following link: A Step-by-Step Guide: Deploying on Netlify

Step 1 in this, the button 'New site from git" isn’t where it shows on the screenshot in the tutorial. I also don’t see any button that takes me to the screen in step 2 of the tutorial, where I could select continuous deployment.

Is that tutorial now out of date and, if so, does anyone have a link to a tutorial for the current process to setup a continuous deployment?

Hi, @jonathan.taylor.adca. The web UI has changed since the tutorial was created. The button now looks like this if you have no sites:

I see you have created a site so it appears you found this button already.

​Please let us know if there are other questions.

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Hi Luke,

Yes, I did manage to deploy a site using that button you screen shotted. The only thing is, I think that if I make a change in github, I then need to hit the deploy button again to make that live, where-as I’d understood that with the ‘continuous deployment’ approach, any changes I made in github would be automatically deployed.

It could be that I simply misunderstood what ‘continuous deployment’ meant, and it was always necessary to take a manual step of pressing deploy again following changes in github. Can you clarify for me?

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Hi @jonathan.taylor.adca yes your understanding of CI is correct. Can you please activate your site’s builds if you haven’t already.

You can do that here
Deploys > Activate Builds

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Glad things are working. I’m going to move this to the #netlify-support category now so that someone with the same queries can find what they are looking for :slight_smile: