New account Suspended

Account got suspended immediately after creation. I follow up with support since April, nothing has been done till now.

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We replied to support ticket # 145745 on April 11th, 2023 at 11:57 UTC. The ticket is awaiting a reply from you. As you have not replied to that support ticket since our last response to you, the account remains suspended. If you want the account activated, please reply to the email for that support ticket.

Yes, I replied to the mail.
I was told that it will be looked into and a feedback will be provided.

My response was “I will be expecting the feedback”

Here is the attached screenshot to that effect.

Is there anything else I’m supposed to do apart from what I did?

I’ve also replied again to that mail just now.


Hi @G4life thanks for responding to the email. We will continue this conversation in our help desk. Please stay tuned.

Hi @SamO, @luke I’m still anticipating your reply via the help desk as promised.

However, this ought not to take too long to grant access for newly created account. It’s not that I’ve even made use of the account at all prior to suspension.

Don’t quite understand why this is a difficult task that must take a week or so to resolve.

Luke replied to you yesterday and we have not received a reply from you. Please check your inbox.

I didn’t see any reply from @luke neither did I get any mail to that effect. It was yesterday I sent mail and also replied again to the april’s mail.

So, kindly look into this

@G4life Please tell us more about the sites you plan to deploy here. What topics will they cover and who do you intend to read them?

I want to clarify this point below:

The delay only occurred because you are not following up with replies to our emails.

The only source of the delay is your own inaction. The delay is being caused by you not by Netlify.

@luke , what action am I suppose to provide? I was told mail was sent, I replied here that I didn’t see any mail in that regard.
You told me to reply to the April’s ticket, which I did immediately despite the fact that I had replied to that on that same day in April.

So, how am I the one causing the delay? This is just to create an account… I’m not even running an app or deploying anything and it is taking a lot of pain to remove an account from suspension despite not violating any of your TOS.

I will be deploying fintech apps and some other projects I’m currently working on.
Is that suffice @SamO ?

Hi @G4life Thanks for writing back in. I have removed the suspension from your account.

Hello @luke the same has happened to me as I have created the account it got suspended. Kindly help me out with this problem

Hi, thanks for reaching out unfortunately we will not be able to unlock your account.

I encourage you to find another platform to host your content.

I also have this problem, but I already had an account, I just created a new site, connected it to git, made a deploy, and I see that it does not update, it’s just stuck. I refreshed the page and I was asked to log in again, but after that I got an error with about authorization, I found the advice to recover the password, when I did that I got the Appeal an account suspension window. I don’t know what to do, because all my projects are there, if I lose them it will be very terrible

If you submitted an appeal you should hear back soon.