My friend's new account got banned

Dear Support Team,

I am writing to request your assistance with a recently created account ( that has a student project. He tried to create a topic and was banned without any reason. There are other cases on the platform like this.

This account belongs to a student who is working on a research project. He has followed all the rules and guidelines of the platform and has not violated any terms of service.

I kindly ask you to review his case and unban his account as soon as possible. He is under a tight deadline and needs to finish his project in time.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.


João victor
I’m Brazilian, forgive me for the translator

You have created two posts which are contradictory.

In this post you say the suspended account is that of a friend.

Then in Waiting for DNS signal propagation you say the suspended account is actually yours.

So which is it?

Hi, @jv097197. The login for the email address you shared is not banned. It is an active login and it has never been banned.

What made you believe it was banned?