Waiting for DNS signal propagation

Dear Support Team,

I am writing to request your assistance with my suspended account (jvictorfunec@gmail.com) and propagation of dns. Here is the situation: I deleted my account and switched to another hosting service, but then I changed my mind and wanted to come back. However, when I tried to do so, it showed that the domain was already in another account. I contacted the support staff privately, since I could not post anything due to my suspension. They resolved this issue, but now it has been more than 72 hours and the DNS signal propagation has not happened yet. I need this to be fixed as soon as possible, because I have a school project that depends on it.

I appreciate your prompt response and attention to this matter.


You have created two posts which are contradictory.

In this post you say the suspended account is yours

Then in My friend's new account got banned you say the suspended account is actually of a freind.

So which is it?

If there are DNS issues, check out

I’ll be honest, I was scared of getting banned from this account for creating a fake account and I thought they wouldn’t understand why,( just wanted to solve the problem), if you can lift the suspension of the other account I would be grateful.
Sorry for translator

Hi, @jv097197. The login for the email address you shared is not suspended. It is an active login and it has never been suspended.

What made you believe it was suspended? Are you having troubles logging in using that email address? If so, what happens when you attempt to do so?

I tried to send a message for the first time, got suspended for suspected spam, and the new topic button stopped showing. I can’t create anything, just read. In this account I can do it normally and the button appears.
Thank you for your attention and education, I hope for an answer

do you see the image?
I can’t create a new post

Hi, @jv097197. I misunderstood you. I thought you were saying they count not login to the the Netlify app website. As I understand it now, it sounds like they cannot post here on the forum.

If so, I have fixed that and they can make posts on this forum now. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.