I got my Account suspended!

I was doing a deploy of my portfolio and got a message about that my account was suspended but I don’t have any idea of why, so I can’t access even with GitHub. I need answer, I didn’t do any improper

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Hey me too. Hopefully it’s only a widespread overzealous system overreach… I hope my github credentials are safe. :sleepy:

Really??? I hope so
I need my account :frowning:

I think it is. it happened to me as well.

Do you guys get your accounts back?

Nope not yet at least

Do you know another site life netlify?

Hi all,

Please review our VP of Security @Mdorsi response regarding this.

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i switched my sites over to https://vercel.com for now. still waiting for them to unlock my account.


At least Vercel doesn’t force you to point your NS to them to enjoy SSL - this helps avoiding the impromptu downtime from spontaneous DNS shutdowns like what happened yesterday. More than 24hrs later and still suspended.

We are working through the backlog of reactivation requests. Thank you for your patience :pray: