Netlify CMS API_ERROR: Sorry. Your account was suspended

My account, upon log-in to the admin portal, says it has been suspended. It was working fine this past Friday. There isn’t any clarity on why it was suspended or how to get it back to a usable state. What is my recourse here, please? Thank you.

hi there, thank you, i was able to find you in our system. I’m not seeing anything out of the ordinary happening - could you pop a screenshot of the screen where it says that your account has been suspended? I have unlisted this thread for a bit extra privacy, so no one can see it who does not have the direct URL.

One of our engineers went so far as to create a new account and got the same message, ‘Account suspended.’

@perry Looks like it was all on our end related to our GitHub repo. Updated some personal access tokens and issue went away. thanks for your help.

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fantastic! I was a little stumped by that one. glad you figured it out!

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